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Personal Contract Hire & Leasing

Personal Contract Hire agreements are becoming more and more popular, as a viable alternative to buying your next vehicle. Otherwise known as car leasing, Personal Contract Hire allows you to ‘rent’ a vehicle for a pre-agreed period of time. At the end of the contract, you simply hand the vehicle back. What’s more, with Personal Contract Hire you’ll have the opportunity to customise the contract to meet your needs. Not only can you select any vehicle you wish, but decide on a length of time the contract will run for and how many miles you’ll be allowed to travel annually. Of course, the price you pay for your Personal Contract Hire will also be reflective on the model you choose. For instance, a smaller city car wouldn’t set you back as much as a larger saloon on top end sports vehicles.

Personal contract hire by car manufacturer

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What are the benefits of Personal Contract Hire?

With a Personal Contract Hire agreement, you’ll arrange to lease the vehicle for a set period of time. As such, you’ll make regular payments until the contract comes to a close. There are many benefits for choosing a Personal Contract Hire agreement, such as:

  • A typically low initial deposit – Sometimes just three times the first month’s payment
  • We reclaim the VAT on the purchase of the vehicle, and pass that saving on to you in the form of lower monthly rentals
  • You won’t have to worry about depreciation value or selling the vehicle in the future
  • A maintenance-inclusive personal contract hire agreement will remove the uncertainty of maintenance costs Road tax will be included as part of the deal.

How does Personal Contract Hire work? 

 A Personal Contract Hire agreement is a superb opportunity to get your hands on a new vehicle, without having to pay over the odds. There are loads of brilliant deals on Autograph Contracts to choose from too. In simple terms, a PCH agreement works as follows:

  • Choose a model of your choice from Autograph Contracts. There are loads of superb manufacturers and models available, so take your time to find the right vehicle for you
  • Consider the length of contract you wish to take on, as well as how many miles you’ll travel annually. Make sure to agree enough miles for your lifestyle to avoid any charges at the end of the agreement.
  • Get in touch with our team at Autograph Contracts to put the wheels into motion.
  • You’ll need to pay a small initial deposit, followed by monthly payments for the duration of the agreement Included in the leasing deal will often be servicing and road tax.
  • Once your final payment has been made, the contract will come to a close and you can start a fresh arrangement.

For free advice on a Personal Contract Hire and to discuss the leasing options available for you, please contact our team at Autograph Contracts on 01634 687070. We’ll be delighted to discuss your vehicle requirements in more detail and will do our utmost to ensure finding the perfect deal for your needs.